Josh Horowtiz talks with Chloë about If I Stay’s Soundtrack

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Here’s part of the interview Josh Horowtiz from MTV did with Chloë Grace Moretz on Monday! So, once Chloë tweeted she helped find two songs for the If I Stay soundtrack and it seems the ‘Halo‘ cover was one of them!

One of our favorite movie-music moments came during one of the film’s more, ahem, steamy moments — we’ll spare the details of what went down onscreen for spoilers sake, but know that the “Halo” cover by Ane Brun & Linnéa Olsson is really freaking awesome. Which is why we had to ask Chloë Grace Moretz about it when we chatted with her after the film. As it turns out, Moretz loves the Beyoncé cover just as much as we do — in fact, she was the one who picked it out!

I found this artist [Brun] who is like this small artist, who pretty much… she sings with her cello,” Moretz told MTV News. “It’s one of the only people I’ve ever seen that actually uses a cello as their acoustic instrument they bring onstage. She’s amazing! I found her on like, YouTube. I sent it to the head of MGM and to my director, and I was like, ‘she’s really good, we should try and work with her.’”

Dream come true, much?



Meet the Actor Jamie Blackley August 26 in London!!

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26 August, 5:00 pm Join Jamie Blackley as he discusses his latest film, If I Stay – in cinemas from 29 August (UK). Come early as seating is limited. Register before arrival via the Apple store Regent Street website.

-This is not a signing, this is a moderated Q&A session.
-You can ‘reserve’ a space, a seat is not guaranteed – Reservations are open.
-Those with reservations will be let in and seated first.
-The seated capacity is around 50 people, with limited standing room at the back.



Box Office: ‘If I Stay’ to Overshadow ‘Sin City 2′

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“If I Stay” is the latest attempt to capture this coveted demographic, and while the low-budget weepy won’t hit the lofty numbers of “The Fault in Our Stars,” it’s shaping up to sell a lot of tickets along with Kleenex.

It looks like it could be a breakout based on the reactions on Facebook and Twitter,” said Phil Contrino, vice president and chief analyst of “It seems to be connecting with the same crowds that lined up for ‘Fault in Our Stars.’ This month has had a lot of male-skewing action pictures, so the timing is good.

Look for “If I Stay,” which is being backed by Warner Bros./New Line and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and is based on a best-seller by Gayle Forman, to make $18 million to $20 million when it debuts in 2,902 locations this weekend. If tracking holds, that would represent a nice return for the $11 million production. The film centers on a young girl (Chloë Grace Moretz) who finds herself in a coma after a car accident kills her parents and brother — in that state, she’s forced to choose between living or dying. It’s a premise tailor made to send viewers into paroxysms of grief.



‘If I Stay’ Premiere In Hollywood Tonight!

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If I Stay will be premiering tonight in Hollywood, California at the TCL Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd. Stars of the film are expected to arrive to the red carpet around 6:30pm. The main cast, plus some supportive actors will attend, we can’t wait to see pictures, videos and more from this event!

Come back later to the site to see everything, we will be covering the event on twitter!


Gayle Forman and Chloë Moretz talk ‘If I Stay’ with USA Today

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Again, another great interview. And this one was accompanied by a STUNNING photo portrait of Gayle Forman and Chloë Grace Moretz that we added to the gallery.

It’s August, but Chloe Grace Moretzarrives for lunch at the Trump SoHo Hotel shivering and tightly wrapped in a baggy black sweater over a pleated white skirt and top.

“It’s cold!,” says the pretty blond star of If I Stay, which opens Friday.

Moretz says she read the If I Stay script and was intrigued, but really fell in love when she read the book. She emailed Forman and the two struck up an online friendship long before they met last year. The two recently bonded on a multi-city tour, where they signed books and posters and screened the movie for fans.

For Forman, who visited the set in Vancouver, Moretz was a dream choice as Mia.

“I thought ‘who else can handle this role,’ because really it is two separate roles,” says Forman, 44, mother of two young girls. “There’s the vulnerability and the falling in love and then the Mia of the accident, who’s in this ghost-like state but who also has such emotionally wrenching scenes.”

Moretz, who kicked some you-know-what in Kick-Ass and its sequel, says tapping into her softer side was a challenge. “I think because I’m a young actress I have issues showing emotional vulnerability, being 17. I am OK with being fierce and cool and hard, I am killing people, whatever, but when I have to show love and happiness and elation, it’s scary. You’re opening up a side of yourself that no one sees.”

And then there was the cello. Mia is a cello prodigy who auditions for Julliard, and Moretz felt it was central to the character to take lessons. While she’s hardly ready forCarnegie Hall in real life (in the movie, she says, it’s “Frankenstein with my head on another girl’s body”), it was all about “learning the emotion of the cello.”

Read the full interview here


Chloë Grace Moretz Twitter Chat – Transcript

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Here’s the transcript from Chloë Grace Moretz’s live twitter chat with @IfIStay:

What scene was the most challenging to do?
The msot challenging were all the death scenes, i just kept crying for hours.

Did you feel as if you can relate to Mia’s personality?
I felt we both hav a lot of passion at a young age, so tht was very easy to relate to, loving something so much.

What is your favorite moment in book?
I love the scene where she tells kim that she finds adam so attractive that she just wants to lick his face.

Can you describe if i stay for you in one word?

Which is more difficult for you,playing Cillo on the stage or shooting gun on the top of van??
ha theya re both equally tough and funnily enough both equally physically strenuous

Have you read the book?
yes of course, a couple times actually, have u?

Who was the biggest prankster on set?
thats a hard q! liana and i were pretty silly, but also so was jamie, we were always joking around

Was it hard to learn to play the cello?
it was extremely difficult, it take around 10-12 years to actually become just ok at it, so it was a challenege

how much did it take to shoot the whole movie?
we filmed for 3 months in vancouver

You are my icon of fashion! do you have a fashion icon?
i have many fashion icons, i love grace kelly, audrey hepburn, marilyn monroe, joan crawford

who would you like to work with!?
i would love to work with cate blanchett, natalie portman, ryan gosling, emma stone, leo dicaprio, list goes on and on

How’d u prepare for the crash scene?u captured the emotion perfect.U look how I felt when I lost my mom.
im sorry to hear bout ur mom, but i just pictured my family and what that loss and confusion would be
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