The Watchlist interviews Gayle Forman

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Here’s a video interview of Gayle with ‘The Watchlist‘, where she talks about the process of adaptating If I Stay and her upcoming projects.


Latest Interviews with Gayle Forman

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In preparation for the release of If I Stay on dvd & blu-ray some websites had the chance to interview Gayle… I’ll post a few Q&A from each and a link to read the full interview at each of those sites below. =] Included the one YAH asked Forman about Where She Went, because, if I’m being honest, that’s all that’s on my mind lately. I REALLY hope it gets turned into a movie!!

YAH: After seeing your work come to life on the screen, did you have the same reaction as fans did?
Gayle Forman: They invited me to see a finish cut back in April while they were still working on it and so I went and saw in the editing bay and I cried for sure! I was by myself in this little room watching and then two hours later I went to RJ the director, he was getting ready for the first test screen where they bring in an audience and see how they reacted. I went to visit him and he was like you should stay for this and I was like no and he was like I insist you stay. So I sat and stayed to watch it on the screen and we were alone with like five other people in the theater and then it was embarrassing. I admit it was the full experience of seeing it big and I lost it. Like repeatedly. And I’ve probably seen it like six or seven times by now and I now own it so I’m excited to see it again privately. But you know you have different reactions all the time and it sneaks up on you in different places. And I cry in different places that I don’t necessarily think other people cry because it’s not always the sad spots. I love her Julliard audition, that always makes me cry. I love the scene right at the beginning when she’s little and her dad is listening to her play and her mom is making a joke and you watch her dad and he’s all thoughtful about it and then next he buys her a cello. And later you learn he sold his drum kit to buy it for her. That scene makes me cry.
YAH: Yes!!! Now what do we have to do to get a whole album? Any chances of a Where She Went film?Gayle Forman: I knew it, it was because you told me Where She Went was your favorite! But I can’t answer that yet…I wish I could and didn’t have to be cryptic but I can’t.

Read the full interview here

MISS LITERATI: When you first wrote If I Stay, did you ever expect for so many people to connect with this book?
GAYLE FORMAN: Not, not at all. When I wrote the book, I saved the file on my computer as, ‘Why not?’ because I didn’t think it was even going to get published. I had published two books before and none of them had done particularly well and my editor from my first YA novel wasn’t working in publishing anymore so I didn’t think too much of it. When I first started writing it, I thought it was too dark and it was just something I was writing so I had no idea it was going to turn into what it has become. And I didn’t care at that point, I just wanted to write it. I sat at a corner in my living room where my desk was and when it finally got out into the world and everyone started reading it and responding to it, it was surreal. It was starting to have this ripple effect and it still feels that way.

Read the full interview here

Q: Were you pleased with how the motion picture of your book If I Stay turned out and can you tell us if there will be a sequel? How involved were you in the movie?
A: Yes, I was very pleased with the film. What I most wanted from the adaptation was an emotional translation of the book, for viewers to come away with the same feeling readers had. From what I hear from viewers, that was accomplished. I was an executive producer on the film,  so I got to collaborate with R.J. Cutler, the director and Alison Greenspan, the producer. They’d send me drafts of the script or ask me specific questions about character. I helped come up with fictional band names. I was on set. As for a sequel, we don’t know yet.

Read the full interview here


Live Tweet with Gayle Forman tonight!

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Gayle Forman is doing a special live chat over at @cambio, to celebrate the release of If I Stay on dvd. If you have it on dvd or digital, feel free to join the If I Stay family for a viewing party! Gayle Forman will be answering your questions tonight at 8pm EST / 5pm PST. You can ask them now using the hashtag #IfIStayIn.


If I Stay DVD & Blu-ray Out Today!

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The wait is over. You can now watch the If I Stay movie over and over and over again on DVD & Blu-ray! Available in the US. Be sure to get yours!! RJ Cutler said on an interview that the best way to show everyone the fans want a film sequel ‘Where She Went‘ is to get the DVD!

Take a selfie with your dvd/blu-ray and tag @ifistay @ifistaymovie (us) @gayleforman on twitter, we would love to see your photos!

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Page to Premiere interviews RJ Cutler about If I Stay, Where She Went and more

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Page to Premiere’s Yaunna Sommersby interviewed RJ Cutler about the If I Stay movie, how was it like working with Chloë, having Gayle on set, filming in Vancouver, the dvd and the possibility of Where She Went happening… Read some of his answers below and the full interview at P2P.

What was the most difficult scene to shoot?
The most difficult scene to shoot? It’s funny, when you make a movie; we shot the film a year ago now. As you know it has been out in theaters, it is now out on Digital, and next week it will be out on DVD. The further away you get from the filming, it is like what they say about pregnancy, you tend not to remember it as difficult. You remember only the highlights, only the happy times. But I will say, and I remember that the accident itself was challenging because we didn’t have much time to shot it. As you know from having seen the film, it was all pretty much done in a single shot. In a single steady-cam shot where she gets up and she goes through the whole complicated post-accident scene with all of the medics running around and all the EMT people, and the cars overturned and the police. She is looking around for her family and she discovers a body and the medics are covering the body, but then they get up to get the gurney out from the ambulance and they reveal to her (Mia) that it’s herself. There was so much going on and it was done in a single steady-cam shot and we only had a couple of hours to do it just because our schedule was so packed. That was probably, in it’s own way, the most challenging scene of the shoot.

Like you said, our memories tend to highlight the happy or exciting moments when we go through an experience. So what was your favorite memory from the set?
The truth is that I really loved the work with my collaborators. With Chloe and Jamie and Mireille and Stacy and Josh. It was just a terrific group of people, so the large category of happy memories all have to do with the work that we did together.

Did it help to have Gayle involved throughout the process?
It was wonderful having Gayle there. It wasn’t like she was there every day, she came and visited us a couple of times. It was always great to have her there, mostly because I am so fond of her personally, so it was great to have a good friend around. She was very supportive of what we were doing and also very mindful to encourage us to, and encourage me, to follow my vision and know that I had her support, which I did. It was always great when she came by.

There are so many great scenes both in the book and in the film. What scene in the film are you most proud of?
Well, I’m proud of it all. I am really proud of the beautiful music scenes and I am proud of the distinction between the different worlds that were created. I love the family flashbacks and the things that Mia sees in her minds eye when she is remembering her own childhood and moments with her family. I love the whole film. I am very proud of this movie and I am thrilled that people are going to get a chance to see it again on DVD.

That’s right! The DVD comes out today, so are there any features that you’re excited for fans to see?
Yeah! It is packed with stuff. (Producer) Alison Greenspan and I did a full commentary on the movie. There are wonderful interviews with Chloe and Jamie and there is a lot of music stuff and some deleted scenes. I did a specific commentary on every piece of music in the film. There’s a lot of stuff and fans of the film are just going to love it. We worked really hard on it and the folks who were putting the DVD together did a terrific, terrific job.

Do you have any news to share about Where She Went?
I have no news to share, except to say that those people who want to see a sequel or a film of Where She Went should make sure they buy the DVD! That is the most concrete thing that they can do to send a message that they want to see a sequel. The film did terrifically well at the box office and there has been a lot of talk about a sequel, but nothing specific to say yet.

Click here to read the full interview


WIN: If I Stay Blu-ray and copy of the book [Various Giveaways]

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Gotta love promotional times!! A bunch of blogs are doing giveaways to offer a copy of the If I Stay Blu-ray + an If I Stay book by Gayle Forman, how awesome is that??! The sad part is that’s only for US and Canada residents… But if you live in either of these countries, you’re in luck because there’s really a lot of chances for you to win these lovely goodies!

Click on the links below to enter for a chance to win this epic prize combo!!!

If you have a website and you’re doing a giveaway on this movie or know of any other blogs offering this, let me know in the comments box below, and I’ll add the links to this post.

Good luck everyone!

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