#IfIStayTour First Stop: Tysons Corner, Washington DC

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The If I Stay tour kicked off today with it’s first stop being at Tysons Corner Center Mall in Washington DC this afternoon. Chloë Grace Moretz and Gayle Forman were there for an hour meeting the fans, taking pictures (fans told me halfway through the line they stopped allowing pictures because there was a lot of people and they were running out of time) and signing their books and movie posters. Some also got a pass for an advance screening of If I Stay and a pack of cookies.

We have added pictures of the event to the gallery that fans shared on their social networks + some professional ones. Click on the small images below to see them all.

And I also found a video of Gayle and Chloë signing posters…

Chloë being a doll here!!

Next stop: Tomorrow, July 30th at Sprinkles Chicago from 4:30pm – 5:30pm with Chloë and Gayle.


New ‘If I Stay’ Promotional Photo of Mia & Adam

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If I Stay social networks shared this cute photo of Jamie Blackley and Chloë Moretz as Adam and Mia that we believe is from an ‘If I Stay’ photoshoot. It’s so beautiful and it gives us a sense of peace, love and happiness just by looking at it. You can see the photo below. =)


If I Stay Soundtrack available for pre-order on iTunes!

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The If I Stay Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is now available for pre-order on iTunes, but there’s a catch! This is the deluxe edition which means it includes MORE SONGS, a new bonus track of Willamette Stone called “I never wanted to go” and three cello pieces (one by Alisa Weilerstein, which you will be able to see during the Yo Yo Ma concert, and two other originals). We also found out the song ‘Today’ is a cover by the Smashing Pumpkins of the same name. And let me tell you, that cover is AMAZING with the cello arrangement, dreamy!! If you pre-order the full album, you’ll be able to immediately download “Heart Like Yours,” which If I Stay fans voted as their favorite Willamette Stone song.

Pre-order the album on iTunes here

BUY HEART LIKE YOURS by Willamette Stone here

Due out August 19, the soundtrack for If I Stay is now available for pre-order at iTunes and Amazon.

1. “Who Needs You” – The Orwells
2. “Until We Get There” – Lucius
3. “I Want What You Have” – Willamette Stone
4. “All of Me” – Tanlines
5. “Promise” – Ben Howard
6. “Never Coming Down” – Willamette Stone
7. “Halo” – Ane Brun & Linnéa Olsson
8. “I Will Be There” – Odessa
9. “Mind” – Willamette Stone
10. “Morning” – Beck
11. “I Never Wanted To Go” (Bonus Track) – Willamette Stone **
12. “Karen Revisited” – Sonic Youth
13. “Today” – Willamette Stone
14. “Heart Like Yours” – Willamette Stone
15. “Heal (If I Stay Version)” – Tom Odell
16. ““Suite No. 1 in G Major for Solo Cello, BWV 1007: Prelude” (Bonus Track) – If I Stay
17. “Cello Concerto in A Minor, Op. 33” (Bonus Track) – If I Stay **
18. “Sonata in B Minor for Solo Cello, Op. 8” (Bonus Track) – Alisa Weilerstein **
** Available on the digital deluxe album


Chloë talks If I Stay and more for ‘Flare’ Sept 2014

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Chloë is flawless on the cover of ‘Flare‘ Magazine wearing Gucci Fall 2014. Flare interviewed her while she was in Canada doing some If I Stay promotion… She talks fashion, family, boys, her projects, and of course, If I Stay. There are some quotes from Joshua Leonard (Denny) and Gayle Forman over the course of the interview. Read what they had to say about the movie below, and the rest here.

(…)She gushes about her If I Stay co-star, the charismatic Brit Jamie Blackley, in a most adorable way. Reminisces about nights spent gabbing with pals in her rental-apartment hot tub while shooting the movie in Vancouver. Squeals over her favourite Toronto wing joint (Duff’s).

In If I Stay, Moretz plays Mia, a gifted cellist sunk into a coma after a car accident, which killed her parents. She must decide whether to wake up, into a life without her family, or slip away, leaving behind her rocker boyfriend, Adam (Blackley). Moretz called If I Stay novelist Gayle Forman with dozens of questions about the tiniest details of Mia’s life—some of which even Forman didn’t have the answers to, so she let the actress choose those details herself. (“She’s either a Pisces or a Virgo, but I think she’s more Pisces. She’s very sensitive.”) Moretz then practised the cello for four hours every other day, for five months. “It’s a very intimate instrument. For a girl especially, you’re wearing a dress and opening your legs and holding this instrument to your body, so it’s an extension of your body,” Moretz explains. “When you hear cellists play, it almost sounds like a wind instrument because their breathing is linked up to the bow strokes, so as they go down or up, they breathe with the down and up of the bow.

There were many notes to play in the film: the deep anguish of mourning, the quicksilver vicissitudes of first romance. Which one was hardest? Happiness, she says. Love. “It seems so silly, but those are much more spontaneous than heavy, dark, crying emotion; everyone cries. But actually making someone laugh, and falling in love…” She does her best work in the quieter moments of If I Stay: washing dishes beside her mother, played by Mireille Enos (The Killing); goofing around on a skateboard with Blackley (a scene the two improvised). There’s a close-up on Moretz while she plays her cello alongside her parents during a backyard jam session. Josh Leonard, who plays her father, stood with Enos and watched Moretz: “The joyful trance of the music, the blush of first love, connection to family, the gaze of a young woman staring down the barrel of the unknown—Chloë told this entire story with her eyes and only the smallest of facial gestures. When the director yelled cut, Mireille turned to me and said, ‘Oh, that’s what a movie star looks like.’”
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‘If I Stay’ promo tour starts today!

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Hello everyone!
Warner Bros and Chloë Moretz announced the If I Stay tour dates last night (or a few hours ago if you live in the US)… We’ve been talking about that on our social networks and we found out about Dallas and Washington before, now we know they will also be in Miami, Seattle, Chicago and San Francisco! We are so excited for this tour. We hope you can get to meet Gayle and Chloë, and take pictures…

These are meet and greets/autograph signings!! There are also screens happening in some of these places on the same date, click here for info on that.
If you end up going, please send us pictures and your review of the event to ifistaymovie@gmail.com! ♥
Are they heading your way?


Enter If I Stay’s competition and ask Jamie Blackley Q’s!

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New week, new theme on If I Stay’s competition! This week they ask you to make original fan art pieces inspired by #LiveForMusic. You can participate and WIN AMAZING PRIZES here. Also, this time around, you’ll be able to ask Jamie Blackley (Adam Wilde) all kinds of questions. Click here to ask.

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