Gayle Forman’s ‘Leave Me’ Cover Reveal + Excerpt!

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Entertainment Weekly exclusively revealed the cover of Gayle Forman’s most anticipating new novel, Leave Me, her first book for adults to be released on September 6th!

Check the cover and an excerpt below!

It had been surprisingly easy.

Maribeth had walked downstairs and hailed a cab, carrying only a hastily packed duffel bag with a few changes of clothing and her medications. She’d left her cell phone, her computer — pretty much everything else — at home. None of that felt necessary anymore. She had e-mailed Jason. An apology? An explanation? She wasn’t sure. By the time she was in the cab, the details of her note had already begun to fade.

“Penn Station,” she told the driver. She had not known that would be her destination until the words came out of her mouth.

Twenty minutes later, she was at the train station. Across the street was a branch of her bank. Maribeth was about to pull cash out from the ATM but instead she wandered into the lobby and asked a teller how much cash she could withdraw.

Twenty-five thousand dollars turned out to be surprisingly porta­ble. It fit snugly into her duffel bag.


When she entered the mildewy cavern of Penn Station, she still hadn’t known where she was going. She’d thought maybe some quaint coastal New England town. And then she saw the departure board.
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Happy Birthday Gayle Forman!

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Happy 45th birthday Gayle Forman! Thank you so much for inspiring us, for writing amazing stories and for the great memories. You’re an amazing person and a great author. We love you! We hope you’re enjoying your day. =)


Screenwriters announced for Just One Day/Just One Year movie!

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Hi everyone! I have exciting news! As you know movie rights were picked up for the Just One Day/Just One Year movie and we now know who will be writing the script!

Screenwriting team Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger have been tapped to write the adaptation of Gayle Forman’s best-selling YA books Just One Day and Just One Year.

Universal is combining both books into a single-feature love story to be produced by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage of Fake Empire.

Fake Empire head of motion pictures Lis Rowinski will executive produce alongside Forman. Fake Empire’s creative exec Lynley Bird originally brought in the project. Read more

Who else is excited for the movie?! Who would you like to see play Willem and Allyson?


New Line Cinema has picked up the film rights to I Was Here!

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Hi everyone I’ve got great news! The Hollywood Reporter has reported that New Line has got the film rights for Gayle’s new book I Was Here!

They also say Gayle is going to executive produce! Gayle has posted about the news on her Twitter.

Who’s excited? I sure am! 🙂


If I Stay DVD sales!

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According to The Numbers.Com the If I Stay movie has made $9,271,843 in US DVD/Blu-Ray sales!

The site doesn’t mention worldwide DVD/Blu-Ray sales but hopefully it did just as well!

The website also says that the movie made $75,374,843 at the worldwide box office so I hope that combined with the US DVD/Blu-Ray sales is enough for WB to make Where She Went!

Hopefully we will hear news about Where She Went soon! 🙂


Live Chat with Gayle Forman tonight!

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Penguin Teen is hosting a twitter chat with Gayle Forman, Laurie Halse Anderson and Meg Wolitzer tonight at 7pm ET. Ask any questions you may have for Gayle on twitter, by using the hashtag #PenguinTeenChat!

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